A TPCC Chaplain was contacted by the female spouse of a First Responder. The
female informed the Chaplain that her relationship with her husband had deteriorated to the
point that things had become violent and she believed that her life was now in danger. The
Chaplain conferred with TPCC leadership and, after confirming the serious nature of the incident,
a plan was put in place to remove the female from danger. TPCC assigned 2 Chaplains to
accompany the female to the local Police Department to process a request for a restraining order.
The local PD discovered a history of DV activity with the male spouse. The decision was then made
to relocate the female in an undisclosed location for the next 48 hours while the male was being
served paperwork from the local PD.
Thanks to the partnership with FRMAD, TPCC Chaplains were able to cover the cost of relocating
and protecting the female for the first 48 hours by providing her with safe, comfortable
accommodations in a location that no one would know to look for her. She is now connected with
long term resources for protective care while the situation is being handled by authorities.